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Two hands help in the growth and development of a pearl. One is the guiding hand of a teacher who is dedicated to a child’s educational and developmental well-being. The other is the hand of the parent, who provides support and plays a vital role in the ongoing learning process. Together, these two hands form a stimulating, caring environment encouraging the physical, mental and spiritual growth of a child. Since the best discipline is self- discipline, students are taught responsibility and integrity. Stimulus is also provided in an array of areas to help recognize, inspire and develop a child’s individual strengths. The dress code, high moral standards and Pearl’s insistence that young students learn to serve, contribute further to a child’s well-being and development for the future.


•  Founded in 1995
•  WASC Accredited

•  Grades K through 6

•  Non-Denominational Christian School

•  Small Class Sizes

•  Challenging Curriculum

•  Extensive Fine Arts Program
•  Focus on Character Building
•  Computer Technology Classes
•  Foreign Language Classes
•  Monthly Field Trips
•  Annual School Camps 
•  Before and After School Program
•  Affordable Tuition 
•  Integrated with Rio Hondo Preparatory School (sister campus grades 7-12)
•  Kare Youth League’s After School Team Sports
•  Fully Gated Campus
•  Financial Aid Available