Dolphin Club

DOLPHIN CLUB is Pearl Preparatory School’s before and after school program. It operates continuous periods of structured and supervised activities that include: organized recreational activities, study hall, use of the Pearl Computer Lab, indoor games, crafts and art projects.
In addition, all students will be required to work on homework and students staying past 4:00 will be served a snack.
Morning Dolphin Club begins on all school days from 6:45 a.m. to the beginning of school. Afternoon Dolphin Club is open on all school days from immediately after school till 6:00 p.m. 




All prices and schedules listed are subject to change without notice.

Automatic Monthly Billing Plans:  Monthly Billing Rates cover from the first to last day of any given calendar month.  Afternoon and Combined Monthly Dolphin Club includes all Minimum Days in that calendar month. June includes special Dolphin Club outings. Signing up on an Automatic Billing Form initializes this plan. Starting with the payment for October, you will be billed on your regular monthly tuition statement by the 25th of the previous month. As with all tuition statements there is a $25.00 late fee if paid after the due date.     



Morning Dolphin Club - $50.00 

Afternoon Dolphin Club for Kare Youth League members - $100.00 

Afternoon Dolphin Club for Non Kare Youth League members - $150.00 

*Those signing up for Kare rates will be automatically billed for the Annual Kare registration.


Occasional Rates 

All Pearl students are automatically eligible to attend Dolphin Club at any time. Students not signed up for either the Trimester Contract or the Monthly Automatic Billing will be charged at Occasional Rates.  Families will be billed for the occasional use on their regular monthly tuition statement.  No prepayment for occasional use is necessary. 


Hourly Rate 
$2.50 each new 30 minute period (i.e., 1-30 minutes is $2.50, 31-60 min. is $5.00, etc.) 


Holiday Dolphin Club Rate for Outing Days
$35.00 per day


Overtime Rates
In fairness to Dolphin Club staff and their families, a charge of $1 per minute is assessed for students who are signed out after 6:00 p.m. This fee is expected to be paid in cash to the Dolphin Club staff at the time the student is picked up. 


Team sports are also available after school in conjunction with Pearl’s sponsor organization, Kare Youth League. Bus pick up for Kare Youth League activities is available at no additional charge. Students utilizing the bus for Kare activities may stay at Dolphin Club for no charge on days they are attending Kare (except minimum days).